Qualiphar is a strong independent healthcare player on the Belgian market.

As a Belgian family-run company, Qualiphar specialises in the research and development, production and marketing of OTC medications, food supplements, cosmetics and other healthcare products. We also offer our services and know-how to third parties in Belgium and in more than 60 export countries. Many companies large and small are already relying on Qualiphar’s experience.

At Qualiphar, we are committed to sustainable and ecological innovation as an essential part of our production and product range. This strategic business philosophy, which puts customers centre stage (pharmacies, physicians and hospitals), not only leads to strong growth in Belgium but also in the export countries.

Today Qualiphar is one of the leading Belgian family-run companies within the OTC (over-the-counter) pharma industry, with a top-3 position in key markets such as medications for cough (Toularynx®) and sore throat (Medica®), disinfectants/wound care (Cedium®), food supplements (Biocure®), insect repellents (Mouskito®) and nasal hygiene products (Physiologica®).


ISO certification: ISO 13485

Our mission

Qualiphar aims to be the best healthcare partner. We strive to make people healthier and happier with high-quality pharmaceutical products.

We develop, manufacture and supply value-added health products through service-oriented partnerships.

In order to secure our long-term growth, we will continue to specialise in the research, development, production and marketing of our medications and healthcare products.

Member of Bachi

Qualiphar is a member of Bachi, the Belgian umbrella organisation for the over-the-counter medications and healthcare products, and looks after its interests.
Bachi aims to represent its members and promote their common interests. Bachi’s priority is to promote a favourable social and political climate for self-care, which puts the patient/consumer centre stage.
Bachi strives for the recognition of the socio-economic role of self-care, with particular emphasis on the importance of public health, pharmacists and industry members of the association.

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