Contract Manufacturing

Qualiphar is known as a reliable partner for contract manufacturing and producer for top multinationals, but also for large or medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. In addition to being able to produce almost all galenic formulations, Qualiphar offers A to Z services, including the serialisation of third-party products.

Our mission, our vision

We develop, manufacture and supply value-added products through service-oriented partnerships.

Key factors:

  • flexibility: scaled production
  • location (2 production sites)
  • expertise
  • quality
  • ISO certification: ISO 13485


Qualiphar as CMO:

  • flexible processing and packaging structure
  • quality-conscious (GMP-GDP)
  • quality control
  • distribution in the Benelux
  • regulatory affairs
  • tamper evidence
  • serialisation



  • capsules
  • tablets
  • powder mixes
  • suspensions and emulsions
  • sachets
  • syrups
  • shampoos
  • sprays
  • gels
  • spray coating
  • ointments and creams
  • sterile unit doses



  • blister packs per unit
  • sachets
  • tubes (al, PE)
  • pressurised aerosols
  • blister (PVC / al, PVC / PVDC / al, al / al)
  • bottles for tablets (glass, PE)
  • bottles for liquids (glass, PE)
  • bottles for powders (glass, PE)
  • secondary packaging of sterile products