Contract Manufacturing

CMO pharma

Qualiphar is a Belgian pharmaceutical CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization). We develop pharmaceutical products for small, medium and large companies and help them to bring their products quickly and at low costs to market.

With a dedicated team of more than 300 employees we are capable to offer a variety of contract manufacturing services to our clients. Our site is GMP and ISO13485 certified which enables us to produce high quality medicines, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics, and biocides. Exporting to over 60 countries brings us the knowledge of what consumers and patients want and assures to the service levels your company needs.

We are a 100% electricity neutral company. With 2 wind turbines providing enough electricity for our own needs as well as more than 2300 solar panels on our roofs. We try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

contract manufacturing

Good Manufacturing Practices

Qualiphar specializes in medium size productions. For each of the galenic and packaging forms below, we are capable to manufacture the bulk and fill in the final packaging. Qualiphar specializes in bottles, powder sachets, sprays, tablets, and tubes. Every contract manufacturing process and production will be followed up by our quality department.

Additionally, we also provide our serialization and tamper evident services to pharmaceutical companies for your medicines. Our teams are capable to implement in short time the interface, repack, serialize, and provide tamper evidence for the required product.

As a contract manufacturing company we offer highly flexible lines as well as high volume lines. This enables us to work with you during the startup of a project as well as to fulfill your international ambitions.

Product Type Product Product example Packaging Size Specialized MOQ’s (x1000 units)
Bottles Glass or plastic bottles with/without measuring cup. Additional manipulation possible. Syrups, Liquids, Lotions, … 100-500ml 25-500
Bottles Glass or plastic bottles (with/without pump) Shampoos, Liquids, Lotions, … 100-1000ml 30-250
Bottles Glass or plastic bottles (extra manipulation required) Liquid dropper included 10-50ml 5-100
Bottles 1-10 liter cans Syrups, Liquids, Lotions, … 1-10 liters 10
Bottles/Cans Powder bottles Powders packed in bottles/cans, … 50-500g 1-250
Sashets Powder sashets Powder in sashets 4-25g 200-1000
Sprays Pressurized (Bag on Valve) sprays (no propellant gas). Continuous diffusion of the product. Seawater sprays, sun cream, liquids, antiseptics, … 50-400ml 100-1000
Sprays Glass or plastic bottles with(out) pump Throat spray, skin spray, nose spray, … 10-50ml 50-500
Tablets Production, blistering & packaging, unit-dose blistering possibility (coated) Foodsupplements, Medicines, … 1-10 blisters/box 10-250
Tubes Tubes (alu or plastic) Muscle cream, sun cream, cosmetics, medicines, … 10-200ml 25-500
Serialization Serialization of prescription medicines + tamper evident Medicines no limitations 5-200

Leading contract manufacturing organization

As one of the leading Belgian pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organizations, we specialize in different galenic forms varying from tablets, creams, lotions, and syrups to pressurized and non-pressurized sprays. The development of new products is done with in-house expertise, enabling us to keep a short time to market, keeping budgets under control and keeping entry costs to a minimum. This results in an excellent reputation in the market and impeccable quality.


As a CDMO we develop and co-develop products together with our partners. Over the years our teams have built vast experiences with different classifications (Medicines, Medical Devices, Food supplements, Cosmetics and Biocides). Together with our inhouse Regulatory team, we can provide the registration services of your dossiers. We cover the full cycle of product development and manufacturing: formulation and process development, analytical development and validation, ICH stability studies, regulatory support, design of primary and secondary packaging, storage, and distribution services as well as sales services and shipping services worldwide.


Qualiphar as a service

A single point of contact will guide the project throughout the entire development and contract manufacturing process. He/she will be your main contact and guide the project throughout all phases of development, registration, and production. By following up closely, we guarantee the shortest route to market. Our standardized processes enable us to work in all transparency with our partners.

With a small steering team from both companies, we enable the partner to follow up closely with their stakeholders along the project.