20 x 5 ml



Status: Medical device

Form: Unit dose

Contents: 20 x 5 ml, 40 x 5 ml, 60 x 5 ml

CNK-code: 3173-622


Cleansing of the nose:
Physiologica® Isonasal is intended for nasal cleansing for babies, children and adults:

  • for daily hygiene in case of a blocked nose, especially in infants who cannot blow their nose, and for the removal of nasal secretions and mucus in the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections and to promote better breathing.
  • as an adjuvant treatment for ENT disorders (ear, nose and throat), to alleviate symptoms and prevent secondary infection by removing excess mucus/ secretions, microorganisms, foreign bodies, allergens, etc., including pus.

Eye cleansing:
Physiologica® Isonasal is recommended for infants, children and adults for cleaning:

  • the eyelids and the corners of the eyes, for daily hygiene
  • the eyes, to eliminate a foreign body in case of discomfort
  • the eyes, as an adjuvant treatment for conjunctivitis on doctor’s prescription.

Aerosol therapy:
Physiologica® Isonasal is used as a diluent in aerosol therapy at the recommended dose and on doctor’s prescription.


Sodium chloride 0.9 g, purified water q.s. 100 ml