The first part of the wind turbine is ready and has meanwhile been installed. From now on, the works will continue on the second wind turbine near the staff car park. In the meantime, the crane has been installed on the crane platform and the first parts of the wind turbine have also been delivered on site. The assembly of the tower will start on Friday 27 March.

Weather permitting, the assembly will continue from Monday 30 March to 8 April. During the first phase, no hoisting operations will take place but Enercon (the construction site manager) will pre-assemble the parts of the wind turbine and prepare the hoisting motions. If this schedule can be adhered to, the final parts of the wind turbines, namely the last part of the tower and the blades, will be delivered in mid-April. They will be assembled at the end of April. Whether or not this assembly can continue strongly depends on the weather as well as on the evolution of covid-19 and the measures to be taken.