Qualiphar supports Peruvian potato farmers

Two Qualiphar employees traveled to Peru on November 11, 2019. Together with a number of other business people, they climbed the 5000 meter high Rainbow Mountain and supported a local Triassic project of Peruvian potato farmers.

Trias is a Flemish development cooperation organization that operates in 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Trias vzw supports enterprising people in the South through partner organizations. “Thanks to the actions launched by the companies in recent weeks and months, they are taking more than 25,000 euros to Peru to support the project. Thanks to this money, the potato cooperative can lift the process of freeze-dried potatoes to a better level, ”says Koen Brebels of Trias.

Part of the 25,000 euros was collected during a trail where the employees of Qualiphar had to carry out all kinds of sporting assignments within their company.

Sophie Nagels (36) is Quality Manager at Qualiphar. She left on November 11 together with COO Peter Heerwegh to Peru to visit the project and climb the Rainbow Mountain. “In the past, our director Karl Verlinden has also supported a number of such projects. I enjoy doing something adventurous while supporting the charity. ”